Plant Oil Recovery — Clean Fuel Alternative for Diesel Engines

Now Available on Sunshine Coast and Metro Vancouver, BC

It's time for a clean, new beginning for your diesel vehicle
by switching to a 100% plant-based oil fuel.

PlantOil Recovery supplies a plant-based fuel used as an alternative fuel in diesel engine cars, trucks, vans, and off-road equipment. We deliver fuel to the Metro Vancouver area, as well as to all the Sunshine Coast, BC communities; such as Sechelt, Gibsons and Pender Harbour for our customers.

Operating most diesel engines on our plant based fuel is now a practical option when your engine has undergone a simple fuel system modification that includes, installing two (2) heaters to reduce the oil’s viscosity, an extra 5 micron fuel filter, a 2nd tank to store the fuel and switchover (from diesel to plant fuel) components. You now have a dual-fuel system vehicle.


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To use plant oil in a diesel engine it must be made thinner, so that it can be moved, by the lift pump, from tank, to filter, to injection pump and injectors, and finally into the combustion chamber, and burned successfully.

PlantOil’s fuel is canola oil that has been re-processed through a centrifuge removing all particles that may have been left over from the food service industry. Our fuel is recycled and re-used, a waste-to-energy solution. The final product has been ‘polished’ down to 2 microns ensuring that only the cleanest fuel enters your engine, which will extend the onboard filter life - providing you worry-free motoring.

When you convert your diesel engine to run on a 100% plant based fuel, then begin enjoying the following benefits:

1.  A fuel that will extend your vehicle’s engine parts as they are now being fully lubricated, unlike low-sulphur diesel which had it’s lubricate removed because of sulphur’s air quality problems.
2.  You’ll be using a carbon-neutral fuel thus lowering your C02 footprint. The amount of carbon burnt in the combustion process equals the amount that the plant fixed in the growing process. Unlike dino-diesel that unleashes locked away C02 back into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.
3.  You will be part of a C-change in the supply of fuel into the transportation sector. Finally obtain a locally sourced fuel within the ‘100 mile diet’ model.
4.  Fuel priced at 50% less the diesel pump price, including delivery to your door! Price is fixed for 12 months unhinging you from big oil’s daily price fluctuations.
5. Pay-back time on conversion parts + installation for a top-end system ($1,375) is 2,500 L at .55 cents a litre, or 40 fill-ups (on a 60L tank).

Please note that our fuel is not bio-diesel. This is running vehicles on a 100% plant oil fuel. Bio-diesel processing requires up to 15% of a fossil fuel (methanol), and harmful chemicals to process the feedstock and produces glycerin - a waste product.

To lean more about the components that will go into your diesel conversion, visit When you're ready to order let us know as we are a Plantdrive dealer and will pass on some nice savings to you.  For installation, we will match you with an experienced mechanic based on your location.

When your diesel fires up next on plant oil fuel, you’ll not be only doing your pocket book a favor, you’ll also be improving the air quality we all share and future generations will thank you for slowing down climate change – one of the biggest environmental challenges to face humankind.

We look forward to talking with you about cleaning up your diesel.

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